Teeth. Teeth. Teeth. I Whine.

I know I already posted about this on my personal Tumblr blog, but I’ll post about it here again and maybe write about it in my diary later.

Dear God, if there’s anything I want my children to be gifted with aside from reasonable intelligence and good looks, then it would be perfect teeth. I swear. I can’t bear watching my child go through the same ordeal I had the previous day. An impacted wisdom tooth extraction is no joke, and there I was confidently declaring that I could do 3 at a time. I only did 1 and I felt like I was being tortured. However, credit must be given to my TMJ for successfully pulling this operation off.

For the past few months my right jaw keeps clicking for no identifiable reason following the removal of my braces. We were then able to secure a schedule with a Temporomandibular Joint specialist and I was sent for 2 types of dental x-rays. From that the TMJ concluded that three of my third molars/wisdom teeth are impacted and two of them horizontally aligned which causes crowding among my teeth. If not fixed, the alignment of my teeth would be again ruined which is undesirable since I already had braces years ago.

Yesterday, my dentist scheduled me to have an impacted tooth extraction with her friend, another TMJ. I was unnerved when he finally explained the procedure to my mother and me. I was nervous all throughout the operation. Due to it being impacted, the gums above my third molar have to be sliced open first to uncover the tooth which will then be cut into smaller pieces before it can be completely pulled out because there isn’t enough room to just pull it out whole.

It was an hour and a half but it felt like forever even with my eyes closed. Midway through the operation the anesthesia wore off and I began sobbing because I can feel the pain already. I had to be given another dose of anesthetic to endure the rest of the procedure. And from that point the experience has only gotten worse.

I hardly slept last night because the pain killers were of little effect against the post-operation pain and swelling I was experiencing. The irony of it all is that these medications had to be taken with a full stomach when I can hardly swallow saliva because of the pain. I had to endure the pain of eating to be able to receive some temporary relief.

And right now I’m a bit anxious since the sutures seem to have loosened, if that’s even possible, and some bleeding occurred. It’s also challenging to brush my teeth, because oral hygiene has to be maintained so that introducing bacteria to the wounded area can be avoided.

I can’t speak and there seems to be quite a number of things that can go wrong after surgery. I can only pray that I won’t encounter any of them throughout my healing process.

P.S. All of these is happening DAYS before my 17th birthday. How fortunate.


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