It Is Significant! Believe Me!

I happened to read the “About Me” I wrote for this blog and I was amused to find that I wrote about me not wanting to post for the sake of posting because I wanted to write entries of significance. There might be lapses when it comes to that promise, but I’ve come to believe that the things I write here are significant. 

I remember my History II professor in college (I won’t mention his name yet in case he googles himself and finds himself mentioned here!) teaching us the difference between significant and relevant in the field of History. He says that everything a historian writes is significant, hence these events are recorded in books and are thoroughly sought to be proven. But the matter of relevance depends on the context entirely, and some events we have no use of knowing. He also keeps a blog himself and some diaries before and he encouraged us to do the same. I have attempted quite a number of times to keep a journal or maintain a blog, but most of the things I wrote are now lost forever or are just waiting to be discovered by me sooner or later. He kept updates about his personal life, lectures, views and opinions, announcements on that blog and I was nonplussed to learn that I’ll be reading out of a webpage instead of a book. And that’s not an entirely terrible thing, because his blog entries are actually sufficiently informative and time saving compared to perusing a History book. Yes, peruse, because there really isn’t enough time in a semester to actually cover every detail listed.

So what is the significance of everything I just said? Well, nothing, if you’d be the judge. These things hold a significant for me. I’d like to read these entries one day and measure my growth, or lack thereof, as a person and maybe have a laugh or two at the memories I’ve come to write about. And I’ll try very hard not to delete this account, as I have done with my past 10+ accounts on other blogging platforms.



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