Happy Birthday Self! I think I Love You Better Now.

I know it’s going to seem self-centered or pathetic even, but nobody is going to wish me a happier birthday than myself! Don’t get me wrong, I got a reasonable number of greetings from family, friends, and loved ones but who would know what to wish myself in this new year ahead as a 17 year old but yours truly? So self, happy birthday! I’d like to cut you some slack and enumerate the growth and accomplishments, also points of improvement, you should be proud of and start working on this time!

1. You’ve grown!
Of course you have, cells in your body have regenerated, your hair got longer, maybe you got heavier and unfortunately not any taller, but that’s not the growth I’m talking about. I remember when you were in high school, you never bothered to fix yourself or dress yourself properly. You looked like a nerdy mess, a tangle of unruly hair, glasses, braces, and pure angst. Of course your excuse was “there’s more to myself than my physical appearance” which is good since you focused on building your intellect by reading books and excelling in your academics, but now you’re more balanced. Since college began, you started to take care of yourself and love yourself so others would appreciate who you are too, inside and out. I’m so proud to look at you now and see that you’ve come a long way from that nerdy girl in high school. You’re still that girl. You didn’t throw away your brains and swapped them for a fresh wardrobe, but you were able to create space for both. Cheers for being able to care about more than one aspect of your being!

2. You’re more confident!
This is in lieu with your dressing better and loving yourself more! You’ve been able to take on the world with your chin up and a confident stride because people see you just as that! You would walk with your head down and shoulders hunched before, but you’ve broken out of that and developed more courage to face the world as who you are. You’ve made yourself friends in college. People seem to see you as confident as you feel. You’re not afraid to face others anymore because you believe in yourself, and you can take on tasks that would’ve made you shrink back in fear before. Good job self!

3. You’ve survived emotional challenges.
You’ve gone through a breakup just in time for the beginning of college. You’re anxious you wouldn’t fit in with anyone and were preparing for the thought of being alone. You’r grandmother passed away untimely. Yet here you are, stronger than ever and more willing to go on with your life as a more experienced person. Emotional challenges are not to be belittled, the toll they can take on a person can be severe. However with the right support system and strength of character, you’ve made it! Of all the people, you wouldn’t let yourself be enslaved by your emotions and these challenges justified just that.

4. You reestablished ties with family and friends.
You were in a relationship the past year and you seemed distant from your family and friends. When that ended, you only had them to turn to and it’s a good thing you did. You weren’t ashamed of admitting that you needed them, and they were good enough people to take you back and help you get back up on your feet. You’ve started to love them more and you felt that they never stopped loving you back. Now you’re wiser to know that you should never forget your friends just because you’re in a relationship. They’re happy for your success and grieve for your pains.

5. You did well in your first year of school!
Okay, reasonably well for a girl who is terrible at Math. I only got one 3 in my Math 11 class, and a 2.75 from a professor who guesses grades BUT I got good grades in all my other subjects this year! Like four 1.25’s in the first semester and two more in the second. See! Your mom just wanted passing grades, but you made her happy proving that you can still do your best even when you’re in UP! Work hard and reap what you sow!

There are many things that you should be proud of and I might not be able to remember them, but when you sum it up you’ve had a good year!

Here are the things you can work on:
1. Attitude and sense of humor.
2. Money saving skills.
3. Responsibility as an older sister.
4. Self-control
5. Words

And of all the things I’ve written, here comes the part where I thank the most generous person who gave me gifts! THANK YOU GOD.

Thank you for a year of life full of learning and wisdom. Thank you for another one yet to be experienced. Thank you for a family who loves, cares, nurtures, and supports me. Thank you for the few trusted friends who stand by me. Thank you for a home and comfortable life You have given my family and I. Thank you for the lives of those I love who I get to spend mine with. Thank you for eyes to see, ears to hear, lips to speak, tongue to taste, skin to feel, nose to smell, lungs to breath, mind to think, and many other tools You have given me to properly live life as fully as I can. Thank you for the impartial and unrelenting love You let me feel, no matter how flawed and imperfect I am. Thank you for this day, and if it please You, and the many more to come after it.


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