Patience to Spare. Patience to Share.



Mine was never long nor a subject of admiration. It’s short, snappy, and explosive like I am once provoked. Of course provocation can be extremely different from one person to another. However, it seems that people are running out of patience these days. Maybe it’s because of the fast paced lives that we have little tolerance for time, energy, effort, and other resource consuming situation that comes our way.
Sometimes patience comes with the personality. Some are born with naturally short tempers or waiting skills which never really grew into something more. These people might often find themselves in irritation or discontent at the slightest deviance from their expectations.

Then sometimes patience runs out with old age. Those who’ve lived longer and had their fill of the world might find it irksome that even in this point of their lives they still experience things that test their tolerance. Things people do or say seem more nonsensical when you’re older, and your patience runs out when people don’t realize the same thing you have.

Could it be that patience is a result of the lives we lead? Those who are used to getting what they want when they want can easily be put off by some inefficiency, whereas those who live simply are used to waiting for good things to come their way if they ever manage to.

Patience, patience, patience. Something so valuable and rare these days, however not impossible to acquire. I could use some practice with mine, since my sharp tongue and scarring tones hurt those I love the most who always seem to spare enough patience for me. And when it’s their time to run out of patience, it could do good to spare them some of my own. In the end, impatience always brings out the worst in us.


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