Food: Miracle Cure

What to write about? How about one of the best meals I had in my life for 40 pesos. I would want to remember this in the future so I’m going to blog about it, although I don’t have any pictures for this post. Nevermind, my memory will serve me well. I just have to believe.
I felt like my jaw hasn’t really healed yet because after eating solid meals yesterday it hurt. So I asked my mom to just go with the liquid diet I was having three days ago. Then, she comes home with the best tasting food ever and voila! My jaw was miraculously cured! That, or I just have an extremely high pain tolerance when appetizing food is involved.
The first meal I ate was lumpiang ubod, which is this roll with  lettuce and ubod or “heart of palm” wrapped together served with a sweet, sticky sauce with garlic bits. Of course I couldn’t eat it normally, so I resolved to eating it bit by bit which took the fun out of it but nevertheless tasted amazing. The sauce was the right consistency and the hard garlic bits just put it togethger nicely. And it only cost 20 pesos, what?! How is that even possible. I would eat that everyday for the rest of my life. I was so full already, but it didn’t stop me from eating the next meal my mom bought which was palabok.
The serving itself was already huge and it also cost 20 pesos. My jaw suddenly gained this unexplainable strength to finish the whole meal. They didn’t skim on the toppings. There was everything a good palabok should have! Ground pork, eggs, chicharon, onion leeks, great sauce and firm noodles. Sulit. I’d eat this daily also.
I know I’m no gourmet expert so my explanation of how these dishes tasted do not do them justice, but you have to taste them for yourself to see what I mean. Good food at a cheap price is hard to find these days. If it happens to be cheap and good tasting, the serving size is usually smaller than your fist. Therefore food that is hearty, delicious, and cheap will truly brighten anyone’s day.
Also, good food might have miraculous healing effects for jaw pains like mine. Teehee.

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