More Than A Day

What better topic for a blog post than the greatest woman in my universe? My mother! 


I am not ashamed to admit that I love my mother and pretty much rely on her for most of my needs. It’s a mother’s nature to be caring and protective over her children, and seeing me so hopeless sometimes with things brings that nature out of my mom more than any other situation. I’m 17 and I still rely on her pretty much? Yes, I do. I don’t ask her to feed or bathe me, but she spends a great deal fussing over my sister and I. I always used my academics as an excuse for not really learning to organize my things. There’s this concept of Entropy where the natural order of the universe is in chaos. Well, that’s my room for you and I work better in a chaotic roon because oddly enough it seems pretty much in order for me. However, my mom thinks it’s her duty to rearrange things and organize them which requires an input of energy. Now, that isn’t a spontaneous process and it will not occur by itself in the system. So I’m speaking using thermodyamic terms and that really doesn’t capture the point. POINT IS: My mom is amazing. She works 24/7 taking care of my dad, autistic sister, and me. The amount of strength and effort needed for that is extrordinary and her love has been able to handle all that. I couldn’t find anybody more worthy of recognition than her. Cleaning, cooking, and other household activities might be laughed at by men as “what women were made to do” because of their “lack of strength and toughness”. But I’ve seen countless dads try to do what mothers easily accomplish in a day TO NO AVAIL. So I guess men don’t have the toughness to handle these “soft” jobs, huh? 

She spent 4 years of my childhood working overseas so I never spent time with her during my growing-up years. Sure my dad provided for me and occasionally bonded with me, but providing isn’t the same as CARING. And when my mom came home, I experienced the best care anyone can ever give a person and it still overwhelms me. I remember seeing her arrive at the airport and just crying and hugging her and not letting her go even when we stepped out of the car. It was like I’ve found the biggest missing piece of my life. My mom.

I can’t possibly write every single sacrifice she has made for the family and how tired she is after a day with us, but I know it by heart. We aren’t a very emotionally expressive family so there is no way for me to say all of this to her face without illiciting a scoff or some dismissal, so I’ll just let the whole cyberworld in the know. MY MOM IS THE GREATEST AND THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN SAY TO CHANGE THAT.


Happy Mother’s Day, mommy. 🙂 Every day is your day. Every day you are special, appreciated, and loved above all. You deserve more than a year of recognition and thanks, but an entire lifetime.


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