Just my two cents.

It was on the news tonight, the comment of Manny Pacquiao about gay marriage and all that. He was getting hate because of his statement which was escalated by the apparent quoting of a Bible verse, not by the boxer but by some dude I don’t know. I know I sound like an ignorant incoherent teenage girl right now, but I’m not. Here’s what I’m saying.

What’s so wrong about gay marriage? I mean, seriously. Catholics are one of the strongest opposers of the right of marriage for same-sex couples because it offends their beliefs. Well NEWSFLASH, rape, murder, war, theft, violence and all other heinous crimes or what else is offensive to Catholicism but I don’t see you parading around the streets asking for those things to be stopped. Besides, I don’t hear same-sex couples appealing to the priests, bishops or the pope to allow them to be married in Catholic churches. I think it’s about the STATE honoring same-sex marriages and conducting those itself. Last time I checked I was living in a country with the majority of the population as Catholics, BUT NOT A THEOCRACY. So yes state, act for the best interest of your citizens and motherland, not on the counts of some religious crackpots having a dig at a form of love different from what they deem right. And don’t even drag morals and ethics into this because according to philosophy morals are just the product of the current social structure and time we live in so they are free to change at any moment.

People always say that we should think out of the box and go against the flow but we don’t notice that it’s our nature to squash out anything unnatural or taboo in a person, custom, or group. We can’t help but be disturbed by irregularities. Sometimes we stare, sometimes we judge, but others take it to the point where they spread hate and malice towards those who are different. Are you better people by forcing them into conformity through cruelty or ostracism?

Being “gay” dated back to ancient times. In fact, in ancient Greece a relationship between an older man and a boy was deemed ideal. So being gay and pedophilia wasn’t frowned upon, it was the emergence of Catholicism in the West that evetually drove these practices out, but never completely.

I’m not saying I’m in agreeance with pedophilia, but I’m just trying to make a statement. Many “normal” marriages between men and women are made on counts not on counts of love but something else, and a marriage between two people of the same sex done from true love in a different form is not better? A union between a man and woman can be as fickle as we quickly judge same-sex relationships which sometimes turn out to be the opposite. For a moment, forget the norms. Just evaluate the situation at hand. They say marriage should be made in the act of undying love and commitment between two people swearing themselves to each other till death do them part. What if a gay or lesbian couple had that? And they carried out their vows faithfully for the rest of their lives? Doesn’t that prove that their love is worth declaring in a ceremony in front of all their loved ones? Think of what you’re denying others who have found true love. Isn’t it that people say that true love should be defended against the odds, then why do we have to be so damn difficult when it’s staring us in the face through these same-sex couples?

I remember Minerva McGonagall in Harry Potter saying that Albus Dumbledore of all people would be happier if there was a bit more love in the world. I know God would be a bit happier too if that were true with us.


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