You are a hypocrite but it’s not for me to inform you.

I don’t want to be judgmental or anything, but I am allowed to have an opinion.

What you want to do with your blog is none of my business, and neither is anything you post in it. However, since you go around alerting people when you have a new post, it would only be proper that your posts be, well I don’t know, grammatical at the least?

I know it may seem to you that using all those slang and colloquial terms are good and express your proficiency in the language, however it does the complete opposite. You also seem to be overly-fond of the bold and italic functions allowed by your platform.

Another concern is that you post very personal posts on your blog, and I mean very personal. Personal to the point that another person and your “altercations” with him/her are disclosed bluntly. Why? It may be nothing to you but I’m sure it’s unfair to the other person that only your side of the story is told and he/she is left there to be judged by netizens according to your accounts. Might it be a debate on certain public issues, no matter how trivial, would at least be forgivable but it isn’t. It’s a personal problem that frankly nobody cares about and I honestly don’t know why I even bother.

You are the type who preaches about responsible usage of social media and you often condemn those who do not observe that, yet here you are writing an expose of your personal life all over the place. Once it’s on the internet, it’ll never come off.

So yes, I wish you success on your blog and I’ll do best as I can to avoid it so as not to spend a post about you.

I am guilty, but only this one time.


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