Hit your stride and hurt them with it.

Forgive them. Forget them. Leave no room for regret, hate, nor longing. These pieces of advice might be easy to say, but difficultly accomplished. People who hurt us always leave a space in our hearts that pains us, even long after what they’ve done.

And wounds are harder to heal in this age, because we are all so closely connected by the internet. Even if you choose to forget all about the person, some of his/her activities might find their way to you if you’re a social media user. Distance to grow and heal is more difficult to acquire because we can never escape that person, in real life, the internet, or even in out own minds.

It’s not a crime to dwell on these people who’ve wronged us, but it damages us more than we think while causing no harm to the other person. In the end, we’re on the losing side if we allow their actions to leave us in distress.

We will all have to move on somehow, sometime. It’s just a matter of when you’re ready.


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