‘Tis the Season to Give, Love, and Laugh a Little More

How do I even begin explaining in a very eloquent fashion that my Christmas this year couldn’t be any more different than the past three that I had? People, feelings, experiences shifting around in my world and I couldn’t help but wonder if something’s wrong with me because it seems that I couldn’t make anything last. But no matter, I feel that I’m reasonably happy with how I am right now so I am in no hurry to determine what I feel so bothered about. Besides, Christmas is about celebrating one of the best gifts humanity has been given, our savior Jesus Christ. 🙂

And as if the gift of him isn’t enough, the universe decides to give me a lot of things to be grateful for on account of its generosity.

I have new friends, and I love them more than ever. I am so happy with these new people because the feeling that I need to be intelligent, impressive, and better all the time is so tiring. I love people who I can act crazy around and love me for it.

I love my family, who despite being bad at this, tried their best at granting my Christmas wish of at least going outside to celebrate. Even if it didn’t go as I’d like, it’s the attempt that counts.

I love the little things that the people around me do for me. Comforting me when it gets tough, laughing at my jokes, complementing me sincerely, helping me out with heavy tasks, inspiring me to be better, everyone I know has done this at least once and my gratitude will never be expressed in words.

The unlikely encounters that the God has so kindly granted me this year. He was so inconspicuous about it! “Gusto ko si —– for Christmas!” And I got a picture WITH him. Lord, my father in heaven, you have given me so much and my heart is bursting with joy!

The love, the love, the love, that surrounds us during this time of year is what makes it special and soon enough we will have a chance to renew and prove our love once more for a new year ahead.

Merry Christmas everyone! May the spirit of the season dwell in your hearts and in the hearts of those you love to bring you closer. May it inspire you to give for the sake of giving what is truly important and lasting in days like these where everything is temporary. The world could always use more love! 🙂


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