This is just about a good day I had.

A few days ago I got myself a new Blackberry Curve 9220 with the help of my mom, but it was driving me insane. In short, I was not happy about it. My mom sweetly allowed me to sell it online, just to reimburse its original price, and even offered to get me a brand new one which wasn’t originally locked to a carrier. I told her I didn’t want another one. I’d find another replacement.

A few hours after posting the ad someone had agreed to buy it from me already. So me and my mom went to SM so she could accompany me. I had a great time! 

We bought my sister new toys and I got a new pair of pumps which I plan to wear with my denim maxi dress. My mom was so sweet to buy me a pair. We even ate at this new restaurant Lugang and the food was divine. We’re going to bring my dad and sister there tomorrow.

I finished my transaction with my buyer and I figured out what I wanted to do with the money. My dad was upset that I got a new phone just as he was planning to get one because his was about to die on him. So I bought him the phone he wanted! I was so excited to give it to him. He likes it. I ended up getting myself a regular call-and-text phone because I’m also getting tired of lugging around so many gadgets. It’s always an added risk to be carrying expensive stuff around. However, I adore my new B88i duo since it comes with little bonuses such as a camera with flash, a music player and radio, a pair of headphones, etc. Generally speaking, it’s a reliable little buddy for those days you just need a phone with you.

I think why I’m always so excited to buy things for myself or others is because one of the languages of love I speak is that of giftsI like giving others material things, but I prefer the language of touch and time to be expressed towards me.

I love my family. I’m so happy I get to go swimming with them tomorrow! ❤


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