“I cannot belie…

“I cannot believe the shit that I write when I’m in love. I put so much thought, so much work into every word I force out of my synapses. And what do I do with it? I read it to myself, shielding it from the eyes of whom it was written for. I sound so crass on regular occasions, and unintelligent in those which require me to be otherwise, but when I’m in love I spew eloquence like a punctured blood bag waiting to run out.”

What a waste.

‘Tis the Season to Give, Love, and Laugh a Little More

How do I even begin explaining in a very eloquent fashion that my Christmas this year couldn’t be any more different than the past three that I had? People, feelings, experiences shifting around in my world and I couldn’t help but wonder if something’s wrong with me because it seems that I couldn’t make anything last. But no matter, I feel that I’m reasonably happy with how I am right now so I am in no hurry to determine what I feel so bothered about. Besides, Christmas is about celebrating one of the best gifts humanity has been given, our savior Jesus Christ. 🙂

And as if the gift of him isn’t enough, the universe decides to give me a lot of things to be grateful for on account of its generosity.

I have new friends, and I love them more than ever. I am so happy with these new people because the feeling that I need to be intelligent, impressive, and better all the time is so tiring. I love people who I can act crazy around and love me for it.

I love my family, who despite being bad at this, tried their best at granting my Christmas wish of at least going outside to celebrate. Even if it didn’t go as I’d like, it’s the attempt that counts.

I love the little things that the people around me do for me. Comforting me when it gets tough, laughing at my jokes, complementing me sincerely, helping me out with heavy tasks, inspiring me to be better, everyone I know has done this at least once and my gratitude will never be expressed in words.

The unlikely encounters that the God has so kindly granted me this year. He was so inconspicuous about it! “Gusto ko si —– for Christmas!” And I got a picture WITH him. Lord, my father in heaven, you have given me so much and my heart is bursting with joy!

The love, the love, the love, that surrounds us during this time of year is what makes it special and soon enough we will have a chance to renew and prove our love once more for a new year ahead.

Merry Christmas everyone! May the spirit of the season dwell in your hearts and in the hearts of those you love to bring you closer. May it inspire you to give for the sake of giving what is truly important and lasting in days like these where everything is temporary. The world could always use more love! 🙂

My Heart is Crumbling

My mother told me to stop buying anymore clothes because THEY WON’T FIT INTO MY CLOSET ANYMORE. But..but…but…

 It’s so hard to NOT buy clothes. I mean, OKAY I WILL STOP BUYING CLOTHES. Besides, I want to but more shoes and accessories anyways. 

And next year I’ll be only be wearing my white uniform. So maybe after this semester, I can sell my clothes online so I could make room for new ones?



Then paperback books. Teehee.




So basically before college my wardrobe was dismal, only consisting of t-shirts, jeans, and maybe a few blouses. Now since my self-confidence has increased a substantial amount, my wardrobe followed suite and according to my estimate has increased by 500%. Or so I think.

Today I went on an unplanned, impulsive shopping exhibition to—DUN DUN DUN—a thrift store! I love CHEAP clothes, especially the kind that you can wear over and over again so the cost per wear is so next to nothing. I used to think that Divisoria was the best place to shop for clothes if you were on a budget, but I stand corrected– a thrift store is (but divisoria is if you want brand new things). Ugh, as long as you have an eye for great fashion choices then this is literally heaven for you. I was trying so hard not to burst out squee-ing with every fabulous find I got my hands on. I also made sure that I looked as poor as possible just to avoid unnecessary price increases (yes because some employees price their items according to who’s asking and from what social class that person seems to be from).

I would’ve stayed a bit longer in the store but my ARM was aching and I could barely hold onto my purchases already. Haha, so as I made my way home I was struggling to hold my umbrella, clothes, and other purchases.

I’ll be posting pictures of hat I bought. They look so much better worn, but I don’t really have time for that. Here it goes!


This is a cream-colored blazer which I got for 55 pesos! This is the second to the last piece that I got and I have to say it is worth every single cent. It’s in perfect condition!


Even the tag is still intact!


No missing buttons to be found!


I suck at photography but this is really a baby-blue colored sleeveless top which amounts to only 25 pesos since I found it in the 4 for 100 rack.


The last piece I picked up and one of my favorites, a tribal printed skirt! It’s in the 4 for 100 rack as well, but since I couldn’t find 3 more pieces to go along with it, it costs 35 pesos. Such a steal since tribal prints are trending once again!


Another item from the 4 for 100 rack which I adore so much! A dark blue blouse with floral prints. Ohhh I can’t wait to wear this over a dress!


This one still has its tag attached!\


This looks so much better in actual, blame my lack-luster camera skills. It’s actually a gold metallic knit sweater like those that sell for IDK how much in F21 and the likes but I got it for 25 pesos. Homeless look, here I come. :))


Believe me it’s gold!


One of the first pieces I found, what I really love about it are the studs along the neckline.


Again, for only 25 pesos!


It’s the design that got me again for this one, the knitting along the neckline!


Adorable knitting!


This is a steal for 25 pesos, a khaki colored polo which I can use to channel my inner crocodile hunter! Teehee!


It says “The Scout Shop of Hongkong” on the tag.


This one is a knit top for 25 pesos oh how I love to pair it with short, leggings, and oxfords.


Last but not the least, finally my own chunky sweater! YEY YEY YEY- 25 pesos too!

In total I got 10 clothes for only 290 pesos! What a great day! 😀

Hit your stride and hurt them with it.

Forgive them. Forget them. Leave no room for regret, hate, nor longing. These pieces of advice might be easy to say, but difficultly accomplished. People who hurt us always leave a space in our hearts that pains us, even long after what they’ve done.

And wounds are harder to heal in this age, because we are all so closely connected by the internet. Even if you choose to forget all about the person, some of his/her activities might find their way to you if you’re a social media user. Distance to grow and heal is more difficult to acquire because we can never escape that person, in real life, the internet, or even in out own minds.

It’s not a crime to dwell on these people who’ve wronged us, but it damages us more than we think while causing no harm to the other person. In the end, we’re on the losing side if we allow their actions to leave us in distress.

We will all have to move on somehow, sometime. It’s just a matter of when you’re ready.

What is dead may never die, but rises again harder and stronger.

Manny Pacquiao lost today to Timothy Bradley.
The Boston Celtics lost to the Miami Heat today, too.

For some, this might be a glorious day of victory. Others, a day of disappointment or frustration. And there will be others who find today a mix of both.

I watch the NBA whenever I can and I’ve been fully locked on this year’s Playoffs. And as each round passes, I’ve learned that I’ve come to like the Boston Celtics as a team.

But today is not the day they head for the Finals.

Congratulations to the Heat, it was a well-deserved win. They worked hard for it and their fans deserved it. A victory to be admired and cherished.

But the Celtics also deserve credit.

They might have not won the best of 7 series, but they’ve performed solidly throughout and made plays that any fan would be proud of. It’s just not their year. However, they deserve the same applause that champions get, because they EARNED their spot in the Eastern Conference Finals. The next step that they weren’t able to reach will serve as motivation for next season. Doc Rivers has a pretty good team on his hands, and each member knows the worth of his teammates. They deserve appreciation.

Pacquiao, on the other hand, has made every Filipino proud for his successes in the boxing ring as a world-class athlete. He’s a world-class athlete, a belt, title, or championship that no one can take away from him. I don’t follow boxing as I do basketball but I know loss in any field brings upon a heavy heart in anyone.

Someone who has only tasted victory will never seek improvement, for they will believe that their pinnacle has been reached. A little defeat goes a long way. It’s healthy. It gives you a fresh surge of energy to prove yourself and battle your weaknesses with the right attitude and support group. A person who has never experienced failure, rejection, and loss will have a hard time achieving, because no successful person has gotten where s/he is without a metaphorical door slammed in their face.

And so for those who lost, be thankful for the opportunity to become better and the success you’ve achieved.

And for the victorious, do not wish that your champions be forever undefeated nor invincible, for they will never have the thrill of a challenge, the fulfillment of overcoming an obstacle, or the chance to say they’ve improved.

We all need a little defeat once in a while to remind ourselves that we are not perfect. In that way, we can strive to become better than what we already are.

In the words of the Ironborn of George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series, “What is dead may never die, but rises again harder and stronger.”

You are a hypocrite but it’s not for me to inform you.

I don’t want to be judgmental or anything, but I am allowed to have an opinion.

What you want to do with your blog is none of my business, and neither is anything you post in it. However, since you go around alerting people when you have a new post, it would only be proper that your posts be, well I don’t know, grammatical at the least?

I know it may seem to you that using all those slang and colloquial terms are good and express your proficiency in the language, however it does the complete opposite. You also seem to be overly-fond of the bold and italic functions allowed by your platform.

Another concern is that you post very personal posts on your blog, and I mean very personal. Personal to the point that another person and your “altercations” with him/her are disclosed bluntly. Why? It may be nothing to you but I’m sure it’s unfair to the other person that only your side of the story is told and he/she is left there to be judged by netizens according to your accounts. Might it be a debate on certain public issues, no matter how trivial, would at least be forgivable but it isn’t. It’s a personal problem that frankly nobody cares about and I honestly don’t know why I even bother.

You are the type who preaches about responsible usage of social media and you often condemn those who do not observe that, yet here you are writing an expose of your personal life all over the place. Once it’s on the internet, it’ll never come off.

So yes, I wish you success on your blog and I’ll do best as I can to avoid it so as not to spend a post about you.

I am guilty, but only this one time.